Reventropy Associates and its Research

Reventropy Associates was established in 1993 to focus on the ramifications of a world   population that is constantly increasing in height and body weight. While many researchers have delved into specific areas of human height and growth, none has been devoted to the systematic evaluation of this critical area of human civilization.

Tom Samaras founded Reventropy Associates and has worked with Harold Elrick, MD, Lowell H. Storms, PhD and Jonn Desnoes, MD, PhD, OMD to provide critical analyses of the various impacts of larger body size on our society and the earth. He has focused on how our society promotes larger human size through nutritional and health systems. Tom and his associates have examined the impact  of maternal and child nutrition, birth weight, rapid growth, early sexual maturation and attaining maximum height on long-term health and longevity. The findings of his research have been published in numerous papers world wide and seven books. Two books are shown below:

The Truth About Your Height The Human Body Size

"The Truth about Your Height" is now available on Amazon's Kindle, 2014

Latest News

A recent article describes eight different types of studies that support the smaller is healthier and longer-lived thesis. Paper appeared in the Journal of Scientific Research & Reports (2014).
See publication list.


A large, long-term longitudinal study found that shorter elderly men live longer. See: He, Morris, Grove et al. (2014). Shorter men live longer: association of height with longevity and FOXO3 genotype in American men of Japanese ancestry.
PLoS ONE 9(5): e94385. doi; 10.1371/journal.pone.0094385

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